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Eco Card

Going digital means taking care of our planet and we support the Go Green Initiative 100%. That means no paper. We also take care when it comes to Covid-19 safety precautions, giving your clients quick and instant access to your contact information, without any health risks.

Marketing Tool

Eco Card serves as a lucrative marketing tool for business networking. It gives you the ability to send your unique link to anyone, anywhere and at any time, day or night, with no restrictions.

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Contact us today to have your customized digital business card in minutes and take advantage of our unbelievable pricing.

Custom links

Integrate and share your customized digital business card on all major digital and social media platforms. Custom call to action links can be created to cater for your unique marketing requirements.


To create a professional digital business card and watch your business grow.

Create a Business Card in South Africa

Our mission is to make an impact on the environment and that is where using sustainable business card alternatives comes in.
We are also very health conscious and aware that transferring deadly diseases through human interaction is high during these times, but we cannot allow these factors to deter us from conducting and growing our businesses. This is where the using a digital business card can benefit your organization.


The Best Electronic Business Cards in South Africa

Design A Business Card in South Africa

At Eco Card we provide the best digital business card solutions and promotional pamphlets available online. We pride ourselves in being able to cater to any size organization as our electronic business card solution is completely scalable. From a single self-employed individual right through to large business entities. Our unique online business card solution is a must-have tool for business networking and any sales driven industry. By far the best business card alternative in South Africa.


Why Do People Choose Our Services?

Our exceptional staff takes pride in making advanced steps forward and keeping people better connected through Eco Card. We provide them with numerous ways to promote their business at a substantial savings.

Digital Business Card - Tablet


Our Features

Utilize your customized digital business Eco Card to reach more clients.
Provide them with fast efficient links to achieve your company’s goals.

Awesome design

Use our range of customizable templates to create your own unique online portfolio or compliment your existing one.

Update user profiles

Keep your profile up to date by requesting changes any time of day. Never discard old printed business cards or pamphlets again.

Click to contact

Create clickable links to all your preferred contact methods with your Eco Card. Call, E-mail, Whatsapp, save to contact, and redirect to your website. All just one click away.

Ease of sharing

Sharing your customized digital business card has never been so easy. With just one click, it can be shared through your favorite social media and digital platforms.

Popup contact forms

Get instant e-mail notification of messages from customers and customer referrals from your digital business card.

Video content friendly

You can showcase your business by uploading creative video content with the option of redirecting to a large selection of media, including your portfolio, with our custom links.

Digital Business Card - Phone and tablet

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Become eco-friendly and digitally savvy with your customized digital business card. You will never need to worry about running out of paper cards again. You will always be able to access your Eco Card from your mobile phone. Our wide range of digital marketing material and social networking business professional tools will help you obtain rewards and take your brand to the next level.